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Industrial Electrician Perth

Whether you’re a small setup in the back blocks of Perth or a mighty industrial brand, you need the confidence of a superior commercial electrician behind you. Remember: if that sparky you trusted to get your machinery running again doesn’t do just that, you’re reputation takes a hit.

That’s why In Effect Electrical continues to be one of the most highly regarded electrical operators on the West Coast. We’re an ultra-reliable operation with the depth of knowledge to take on all types of commercial electrical emergencies, maintenance and installations. Nothing’s too hard and we’re ready to help when you give the call.


Our Commercial Electrical Services

Understanding electrical trades as we do, no job is beyond us. Popular commercial electrical needs include:

Emergency Machine Repairs

It’s a hard fact that in an industrial workshop, machines go down. One minute of inaction can equal thousands of dollars in lost revenue.In Effect Electrical is here to save you in downtime as a trusted commercial electrical repair service that’s ready to come running every day.

Our reliability as a fully qualified machine repairer has seen us tackle large machinery in large work spaces. We’re quick to recognise the problem and always work efficiently to get things moving again.

So the real question you should ask yourself is “Can I afford not to call In Effect Electrical?”

Warehouse LED High Bay Lighting

When you need to light up a large area efficiently, we’re the commercial electrician to call. We’re fully qualified at installing:

  • high ceiling industrial spaces
  • gymnasiums
  • retail distribution areas
  • storage areas and
  • showrooms

LED high bays are the most effective lighting solution for these industrial spaces. The low-cost running life of the units far out-lives the old screw-in metal halide high bays.With most wholesalers now giving such a long warranty on LED high bays, it’s pretty much a set-and-forget mentality – we do the install and they live a very long life with minimum upkeep overhead.

Workshop Upgrades

Business is always evolving and so too should your workshop or factory. As innovations come in, rest assured we’ve heard about it and we know how to install it at your factory. We can pinpoint the right time for the upgrade so it impacts the least on your production stream. And as always, you’re guaranteed a fully qualified, clued-up commercial electrician whose sole priority is to get the job done right and fast on:

  • Power upgrades
  • Relocation of switchboards
  • Machine upgrade installs
  • Plant and machinery relocation
  • Lighting improvements
  • Improved energy management
  • Safety upgrades
  • Security and CCTV


In Effect Electrical has already worked with warehouse operators whose sole purpose is to keep running. We understand your need too.

We’ll stay focused on the job at hand. We work cleanly. Being fully qualified means we come with a toolbox packed with solutions and tools to complete the job.

Above all, we’re a reliable commercial electrician. We arrive when we say and stick to the initial, affordably priced quote.We’re as plugged-in to courtesy and customer service as we are to your power supply. You’re very welcome to call us today to discuss your next commercial electrical need.

Contact Us Today For A Free Quote

If you’re ready to flick the switch on a modern, safe switchboard upgrade, good news – we offer fast, free quotes anywhere in Perth, every day of the week.

Give us a call and you’ll see In Effect Electrical is as plugged-in to courtesy and customer service as we are to your power supply.

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