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Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Upgrades & Installations

A switchboard is what transfers the power from the street into your home. It also protects your home’s wiring from overloading which can easily start a fire.

Even though it’s mandatory to update a residential switchboard, did you know it’s up to you to get professionals like us into your home to tell you if it’s time for an upgrade? You may currently have an overloaded switchboard, or worse – an outdated fuse box that’s barely coping with your power demands. That’s why we’ve devoted an entire webpage of helpful information on switchboard upgrades and switchboard installations.

Why Switchboard Upgrades are Important

If you have an old fuse box on the side of your house, a switchboard upgrade is well overdue. The trouble here is that the old fuse box was only designed to overseeing lights, a fridge, a stove and smaller appliances around the home. These days as almost everything is chargeable, and every home occupant can have a number of items each, the demand for power is much greater.

Even a more modern switchboard may not have enough control over your home’s power demands.

A family of four can have:

  • 1 air-conditioner running
  • 3 TVs
  • At least 4 phones
  • 4 computers/laptops
  • A hot tub or pool pump running
  • An electric bike or car to charge
  • As well as all of the regular appliances in the kitchen, laundry and bedrooms.

How does an antiquated fuse box, or a switchboard with only a few connections, cope with this kind of demand? And how do you know it’s struggling? Wait until you smell smoke or lose all power to the home? Switchboard upgrades are incredibly important.

How Do I Know When It’s Time To Upgrade My Switchboard?


First, if you have an old fuse box, you’re overdue for an upgrade and the law states it should be investigated for your own safety.

Other cues you have a switchboard issue are:

  1. Lights that flicker. There is a possible power fluctuation which can damage appliances.
  2. Fuses that need constant replacement. They’re being blown due to inconsistent power.
  3. You have a crowded switchboard. Too many plugs, possibly piggybacking others. VERY DANGEROUS.
  4. Your circuit breakers are continually tripping. Your wiring can’t handle the power you’re demanding.

Another reason for a switchboard upgrade is an aesthetic improvement to your home. Old fuse boxes are very big compared to the slimline switchboards of today. Technology has come ahead in leaps and bounds. It’s very possible your new switchboard, even with all of the connections needed for today’s demand on power, will be much easier on the eye than before.

Who Can Fit My Switchboard Installation?

Only a fully qualified, licenced electrician can conduct switchboard installations. Full stop. **Don’t even consider accepting your unqualified uncle’s offer.**

It’s an affordable improvement to your home and when you stack the switchboard installation up against the cost of rebuilding a home after a fire, well… do we need to go on?

Why Choose Us For Your Switchboard Upgrades?

We’re fully qualified, highly skilled sparkies, but you already expected that.

What makes us hard to pass up is our commitment to excellence in the electrical trade. Our keen eyes have picked up switchboard issues that others have missed. We have a toolbox full of solutions and tools. We’re well mannered, courteous and we work clean, removing all mess when the job’s done.

Instead of asking ‘why’, ask yourself, “Can I afford not to choose In Effect Electrical?”

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Give us a call and you’ll see In Effect Electrical is as plugged-in to courtesy and customer service as we are to your power supply.

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