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Kitchen Fit Outs

Kitchen Fit Out Electrical

Got a kitchen renovation in your sights? You’ve probably already heard of some horror stories of messy tradies, late arrivals and even no-shows. We cannot state enough how important it is to know your tradie’s work ethic before the kitchen fit-out for electrical starts.

It’s why we recommend you put your kitchen fit-out’s electrical work in the super safe hands of In Effect Electrical. We treat your home like it was our mum’s! We are careful every step of the way. We’re up on the latest advances in electrical componentry. We work fast and we definitely work to see your smile of satisfaction before we exit your new or renovated kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting Installation

You’re never in the one mood all the time and the same goes for your kitchen. It’s created to serve multiple purposes so a mix of lighting is essential.

Task, ambient and accent lighting

When you need clear vision to complete a job, only task lighting will do. This includes cooking, food prep, cleaning and even homework on the island bench. Task lighting is directional and eases eye strain.

Ambient lighting illuminates an entire space. When it’s on, no corner of your room should be in darkness. It’s achieved via recessed lighting, especially if your ceilings are very high. Otherwise, pendants or chandelier lights can be effective and artful. Accent lighting highlights a feature, be it an architectural feature or artwork. Of course, the light can itself be the accent, as is seen with pendant lighting.

The workflow triangle

The workflow triangle is that famous space between the fridge, stove and sink. This is where most movement happens and light must be abundant. It doesn’t have to be the same kind of light source though. In many kitchen lighting installations, we’ve rigged up LED strip lighting, pendants and ambient lighting that complement each other.

Kitchen lighting controls

Our kitchen fit-outs provide electrical control no matter how many entrances you may have. Whether you’re off up the hallway to bed or you’re coming in at dusk from the patio, we can provide the right amount of switches so that control is always at your fingertips.

Lighting controls also give you power over the intensity of light. We’ve often set up a kitchen lighting installation where one switch operates the island bench lights while another can allow for accent lighting to feature. With a specialist like us, we help you to get the most ambient result.

Kitchen Appliance Installation

Being highly qualified sparkies, we’ve earned a reputation of delivering safe, dependable kitchen appliance installations over hundreds of kitchen fit-outs. Range hoods can be tricky but we know this, so we hit the mark for height and technical regulations every time. We follow manufacturers’ instructions to the letter so your freestanding ovens, cooktops and any other kitchen appliance is safe and ready for use.


In Effect are also always keeping up with new trends like wireless lighting controls from your smart phone or device, even when you’re away or just entertaining.

Why Choose Us For Your Kitchen Fit-out?

It’s the way that we manage our business that gets us so many referrals from our customers. Our work is excellent. Our customer service, equal to the task. We operate cleanly. We know the value to you of arriving on time. We’re highly skilled technicians who are always on the lookout for new advances.

We’re as plugged-in to courtesy and customer service as we are to delivering the perfect kitchen lighting and appliance installation.

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If you’re ready to flick the switch on a modern, safe switchboard upgrade, good news – we offer fast, free quotes anywhere in Perth, every day of the week.

Give us a call and you’ll see In Effect Electrical is as plugged-in to courtesy and customer service as we are to your power supply.

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