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Commercial Networking and Data Cabling Installation

The business world wants a chat. In fact, it’s already talking at a pace and if you aren’t professionally connected to it, you will be left out of the profit conversation.

If you need network connectivity, promise yourself you’ll dodge the unreliable electricians who might dabble in data. You want the ultimate in network cabling installation from In Effect Electrical. With almost 20 years of networking installation experience, you can trust us to deliver all of your commercial data cabling needs, perfectly.

Data Cabling Maintenance & New Data Cabling Installations

New Data Cabling

You’re not just cabling for now – you’re planning for tomorrow’s advances. That’s where putting your trust in In Effect Electrical is so important. We take into account your current use of VOIP or IP telephony, LAN and WAN connections, routers, intercom and alert systems, CCTV and security systems.

Then we discuss what may be needed for future technology. Put it this way – you don’t build a bridge to only cater for the traffic of today. You build it to last many generations. It’s the same with network cabling installation – we make it business-ready for the years to come.


Many hands may make light work but they also make data systems messy. One person’s cable labelling method may be spaghetti to another. Perhaps you can’t get a device to speak to the network? Quite often an upgrade is required but you’re not sure to what. This is the maintenance we love.

  • Find faults in cables
  • Can simplify your data cabinet connections
  • Identify mislabelled cables
  • Provide longer patch cables
  • Transform a communication room’s setup
  • Provide detailed reference drawings to help you identify connections when we’re not around

Installing the Highest Performing Data Networks

Data files are getting larger as the popularity of video files grows. You also need a secure transfer link for your sensitive documents. THAT’s why In Effect Electrical only uses high performance components.

We carry varying grades of data cable, right up to cabling with the highest performance and the greatest flexibility. We discuss your load requirement and install the right commercial data cabling to avoid delays and service interruptions.

A high performance networking installation begins with a high performance data installer. We take our high level of networking and data cabling installation across Perth so feel free to tell us your need today.

Data Points and Phone Points

Business changes yearly and takes the functionality of your office with it. Sometimes it’s just a need to redecorate! For whatever reason you need to relocate or add data or phone points to your office, we can do it, quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Why Choose Us For Your Networking Installation?

We’ve successfully linked many businesses to a greater life of connectivity. Yes, it’s a complicated process but when you have a data cabling installer like In Effect Electrical who knows exactly what they’re doing, who loves it and doesn’t leave until the tests prove it’s up and running, you know you’re on a winner.

Add to this the pivotal reasons for our clients booking us in the first place: we’re punctual, we work cleanly, we work with you and our prices are the most affordable in Perth.

Contact Us Today For A Free Quote

If you’re ready to flick the switch on a modern, safe switchboard upgrade, good news – we offer fast, free quotes anywhere in Perth, every day of the week.

Give us a call and you’ll see In Effect Electrical is as plugged-in to courtesy and customer service as we are to your power supply.

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