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Commercial Electrician Perth

Think your great business reputation isn’t connected to the commercial electrician you use?

Think again.If you stick with a sub-par sparky who’s late to arrive, careless during jobs and unable to fix the problem, of course it can affect you and your business.

It’s only when you have a top class commercial electrical company like In Effect Electrical on call that you realise you have the best backup possible for emergencies, repairs and commercial electrical installations. Nothing slips through our fingers so your hard-won reputation stays intact.


Our Commercial Electrical Services

Understanding electrical trades as we do, no job is beyond us. Popular commercial electrical needs include:


Everyone calls it maintenance. We feel it’s more a type of insurance. A regular maintenance program staves off down time, replacement costs and loss in business confidence. As the go-to commercial electrician in Perth, we proudly service all business sectors: large commercial buildings, retail outlets, cafes and factories.

Using the latest technical equipment, we can detect mechanical issues before they become major headaches. This allows you to plan the repair when it least affects productivity.

We’re armed with full certification and technical know how. Feel free to call us today for:

  • Test and tag management
  • Load testing
  • Thermal testing for faults
  • RCD (safety switch) testing
  • Compliance inspections
  • Safety light/Exit sign testing
  • And so many more. Just ask!

Office Fit-outs

Today’s commercial environments require energy efficient, versatile and innovative lighting solutions. The choices are limitless.

We offer the most advanced, premium quality lighting solutions that work for any business, large or small.Working side-by-side with you, we breathe life into meeting rooms, workspaces, receptions, hallways and displays in retail. We meet the demands of a variety of applications.

“Total confidence in your system from the moment you first flick the switch.”

Offices, retail, cafes and warehouses – there’s no space we can’t fit-out to full effect. Complete testing is carried out prior to sign off, ensuring our total confidence before handover.


Networking cables are hardware used to connect one network device to another. It allows a device to ‘speak’ to computers, printers, scanners, TV’s and security cameras.

Whether you need a new network cabling installation, a network repair or its time to alter existing cabling, our highly trained cablers will answer your every question and complete your installation on time and affordably.
We can assist you with:

  • Relocating data and telephone points
  • Adding points to an existing installation
  • Upgrading to an improved cable

Did we mention all of our commercial electrical work is guaranteed? It is, and it’s all delivered in a no-fuss way, with a smile.

Why Choose Us For Your Workplace?

Why not? We’re one of the best at electrical installation and maintenance in WA. We’re highly qualified in lighting and data provision. We are very respected commercial electrician in the sector and we’re affordably priced.

Throw in that we’re reliable and work in a tidy manner, with a sense of pride in our work, and you’ll see In Effect Electrical is as plugged-in to courtesy and customer service as we are to your power supply.

Please call us today to discuss your next commercial electrical need.

Contact Us Today For A Free Quote

If you’re ready to flick the switch on a modern, safe switchboard upgrade, good news – we offer fast, free quotes anywhere in Perth, every day of the week.

Give us a call and you’ll see In Effect Electrical is as plugged-in to courtesy and customer service as we are to your power supply.

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